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To host a workshop in your community, please complete the form below. Once we receive your form we will get back to you to confirm your booking and coordinate your workshop(s).

If you’re hosting your workshop through the ABC Skills Hub online learning platform, please complete this form so we can send your organization an honorarium after your workshops.


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* Please note: At this time we are only able to secure TD volunteers for virtual workshops. In some cases, ABC can recruit TD volunteers to lead your workshops in other languages. If your learners are not English or French-speaking, it is best to arrange for a translator. ABC does not provide or coordinate translation services.

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  • Select the dates and times for your workshops and the number of workbooks you will need.
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    Terms & Conditions

  • ABC Life Literacy Canada will:
    1. Supply sufficient program materials (workbooks and learner feedback forms) to the Host Organization no later than 5 business days before the first scheduled Money Matters workshop
    2. Provide online training for TD volunteer-tutors (when applicable).
    3. Coordinate the recruitment of TD Bank Group volunteers to deliver Money Matters upon request. Please note: TD volunteers are dependent on staff availability. You may also choose not to invite TD volunteers to lead your sessions. 
    4. Whenever possible, provide additional support as requested by the Host Organization.
    5. Send an honorarium for each Money Matters workshop delivered ($50 for each Money Matters workshop). The honorarium payment will be issued once ABC has received all completed learners’ pre- and post- evaluation forms for each corresponding workshop run and received within 2 weeks of running the workshops.
  • The Host Organization will:
    1. Thoroughly read and complete all required sections of this online form to begin the process of booking workshops.
    2. Provide adequate space for Money Matters workshops.
    3. Prepare your staff or volunteer(s) to facilitate the workshops if you are not requesting TD Volunteer-Tutors.
    4. Provide ABC with 6-8 weeks’ notice for TD volunteer recruitment or 3 weeks for all other workshops. 
    5. Have at least one staff member in the room at all times to supervise Money Matters workshops facilitated by TD volunteer-tutors.
    6. Be available to answer questions by email or phone from TD volunteer-tutors and/or arrange to meet on-site with TD volunteers 15 minutes before the first workshop to orient volunteers and respond to any questions.
    7. Return pre- and post- Learner Evaluation Forms to ABC for all workshops run, preferably within 2 weeks of program conclusion. Please note that no honourarium will be issued in cases where completed forms are not submitted within two months of program conclusion.
    8. Fill out an online feedback survey after the workshops.
    9. Use the free program resources in workshops that are also free for participants. Resources are not to be used for commercial purposes.


    Contact your regional coordinator for more information.

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