Money Matters helps increase learners’ confidence in managing their money. The program was designed by literacy practitioners as a series of informal financial literacy workshops covering topics like: Spending Plans, Basic Banking, Credit and Borrowing, and Saving.

There are three programs for your adult learners within the Money Matters suite:

Who can run Money Matters workshops?

  • Learning and Community Centres
  • Libraries
  • Seniors Centres
  • ESL Programs
  • Settlement Agencies
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Parenting Programs
  • Employment Centres
  • Health Centres
  • High Schools
  • Youth Support Programs
  • Disability Support Programs
  • Workplaces
  • … and more!

How does the program work?

Money Matters is all about what works for your learners. That means host organizations choose when and where workshops happen. Complete the Host a Workshop form for the program you want to run. Once booked, your regional Programs Coordinator will be in touch to coordinate your Money Matters workshops and ship all workshop materials directly to your organization.

Workshops are delivered by your staff or with the help of TD Bank Group volunteer-tutors. If you request TD volunteer-tutors, ABC fully trains them to facilitate your workshops. Each workshop takes approximately 2 hours but can be shortened, combined or extended to best suit your learners’ needs.

Money Matters is completely introductory so you don’t need to have a lot of financial education to deliver workshops. And, we provide free online training to help prepare host organizations to deliver Money Matters.

We know that delivering new programming can be challenging: it takes time to prepare, and sometimes means coordinating coffee, snacks, and transportation for learners. That’s why ABC provides an honorarium for each workshop you run for your clients. Submit your completed learner evaluation forms within 2 weeks of running the workshops, and ABC will send your organization an honorarium cheque.

Workshop Materials

Workbooks: You will receive one workbook for each facilitator and learner in your workshop. The workbooks guide each workshop, taking your participants through activities, discussions, and learning.  Want to view the workbooks now?  Complete the form on this page to access soft copies of the workbooks.

Money Matters Core program
Workbook 1: Spending Plans
Workbook 2: Banking Basics
Workbook 3: Borrowing Money
Workbook 4: RESPs and Other Ways to Save

Money Matters for Newcomers and New Canadians
Workbook 1: How to Bank and Save in Canada
Workbook 2: How to Build Credit in Canada

Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples
Workbook 1: Spending Plans
Workbook 2: Banking Basics
Workbook 3: Borrowing Money
Workbook 4: RESPs and Other Ways to Save

Money Matters for People with Diverse Abilities
Workbook 1: What is a Bank?
Workbook 2: Ways to Pay
Workbook 3: Needs, Wants, and Spending Plans
Workbook 4: How to Use an ATM
Workbook 5: Understanding Your Paycheque
Workbook 6: Money Safety

Evaluation Forms: You will receive a pre- and post-workshop evaluation form for each learner in your workshop. We use the completed forms to evaluate program impact and effectiveness to ensure the material is relevant and interesting to learners. Once your workshops are done, please send us the completed evaluations. They’re also what prompt us to send you an honorarium for the workshop(s) you ran.

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