Who’s running Money Matters?

  • Libraries
  • First Nations
  • Seniors centres
  • ESL programs
  • Colleges & universities
  • Hospitals
  • Parenting programs
  • Employment centres
  • Health centres
  • High schools
  • Youth support programs
  • Disability support programs
  • Workplaces
  • … and more!

What program is right for my learners?

Check out our programs for Adult Learners, Newcomers and New Canadians, and Indigenous Peoples to learn more about each Money Matters program and download free copies.

How does the program work?

Money Matters is all about what works for your programming and for your learners. That means you pick when the workshops happen. Fill out a Learning Centre Agreement form for the program you want to run, and send it to us. Then we ship you the materials!

Our workshops can be delivered in two different ways: by your staff, or by your staff with the support of TD volunteers.

Do you need a lot of financial know-how to deliver a workshop? No. Money Matters is completely introductory, and if your learners ask you a question you don’t know the answer to—even better. It shows that practitioners have learning to do, too! It’s an opportunity to find the answer together.

If you decide you want to request TD volunteers, just let us know on your Learning Centre Agreement. We’ll do our best to bring in TD volunteers based on their location and availability. Please note that requests for TD volunteers must come to us at least 8 weeks before your chosen workshop dates, so we can spread the word to TD about the volunteer opportunity.

Once the workshops are done, please send us the evaluation booklets! They’re what we use to adapt our material so it stays relevant and interesting to learners. They’re also what prompt us to send you an honorarium for the workshop(s) you’ve run.


You receive one workbook for each practitioner and learner in your classroom. The workbooks guide each workshop, bringing your class through activities, discussion, and learning.

Learner Feedback Forms
You receive a pre- and post-workshop evaluation form for each learner in your classroom. These forms capture learner feedback before the workshops, and after. They help us ensure the program is useful and making a difference.

Contact Us

Questions, comments, great ideas? We’re always happy to hear from you.

Western and Northern Canada:
Allison Nichol Longtin
Programs Coordinator
416-218-0010 x125

Paul Bishop
Programs Coordinator
416-218-0010 x127

Quebec and Atlantic Canada:
Erica Ruth Kelly
Programs Coordinator
416-218-0010 x131

Ready to bring Money Matters to your organization?

Just fill out a Learning Centre Agreement for the program you want to run.

Adult Learners
Newcomers and New Canadians
Indigenous Peoples

Send it to us, and we’ll be in touch!