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Many of our Money Matters programs are delivered by volunteers from TD Bank Group. TD volunteers sign up online through The Ready Commitment Network to lead Money Matters workshops for adult learners at organizations across Canada.

Some of our TD volunteer-tutors work in banking directly, but some work in other areas of the bank like Marketing, Human Resources, or IT. What do all TD volunteer-tutors have in common? Friendly, welcoming attitudes and a commitment to improving financial literacy in their community.

Why Volunteer with Money Matters?

The biggest barrier to adult learners acquiring financial literacy isn’t know-how. It’s anxiety and a lack of confidence when it comes to thinking and talking about money management.

That’s where TD volunteer-tutors like you come in. As a friendly, welcoming TD Bank Group staff person, you help break the stereotype of the “scary banker.” We encourage TD volunteer-tutors to dress-down, strike a casual, conversational tone, and share with the group when they don’t know the answer to a question.

The true mark of success for a Money Matters workshop is when participants leave feeling like they can go into any bank and ask their money management questions. TD volunteer-tutors like you help them build that important confidence.

The Role: What to Expect

The role of volunteer-tutor is slightly different depending on which Money Matters program you’re facilitating. There are some constants, though. When you volunteer with Money Matters, you will always receive the following:

  • online training to prepare you to work with adult learners with barriers to learning
  • information about the host organization (where your workshops will take place)
  • information about the adult learners you’ll be tutoring and what they most want to learn

There will always be a staff member in the classroom with you to give you a hand if you need it.

While we typically ask TD volunteer-tutors to commit to leading all workshops within a set, to allow for consistency for the learners, there is some flexibility. Please sign up for as many workshops as you are able to commit to leading within a set.

Money Matters and Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples

Our Money Matters and Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples programs are typically a 9-hour time commitment each. This includes:

  • A one-time, mandatory 60-minute online training session to prepare you to lead Money Matters
  • Up to 8 hours of in-class workshops where you’ll work with the learners through the workbooks.

There are four workshops within a set, but host organizations may choose to run anywhere between one and all four workshops. Each workshop is 2 hours long and is discussion and activity-based. The workshops are usually spread over a few days and you will generally be working with a small group of adult learners (6–8 people).

Money Matters offered in different languages

Host organizations sometimes wish to run Money Matters in other languages, based on their learners’ needs. We offer workbooks in English, French, Arabic, and Simplified Chinese.

If you speak a language other than English, we could use your help! With a growing number of English as a Second Language learners, we are always on the lookout for multilingual volunteers. If this is you, please let us know. If you have a multilingual colleague you think might be interested in volunteering, please feel free to encourage them to sign up for an upcoming workshop as well.

Let your regional coordinator know which languages you’re comfortable working in and we’ll work to pair you with workshops that need your language skills.

Work with ABC to bring Money Matters workshops to your community

Do you know of any organizations in your community that might be interested in hosting Money Matters workshops?  We would love you to connect us with them! Just reach out to the coordinator in your region.

New: Check out our interactive program map, to see if there are organizations in your area already running Money Matters.


Money Matters resources will help you to get familiar with our programs and what you’ll be teaching in the classroom. Once you’ve signed up on The Ready Commitment Network to lead a Money Matters workshop, We’ll be in touch to send you all of the information you need, as well as soft copies of the workbooks.

Money Matters
Workbook 1: Spending Plans
Workbook 2: Banking Basics
Workbook 3: Borrowing Money
Workbook 4: Ways to Save
Workbook 5: Smart Shopping

Money Matters for Indigenous Peoples
Workbook 1: Spending Plans
Workbook 2: Banking Basics
Workbook 3: Borrowing Money
Workbook 4: Ways to Save

Money Matters for People with Diverse Abilities
Workbook 1: What is a Bank?
Workbook 2: Ways to Pay
Workbook 3: Needs, Wants, and Spending Plans
Workbook 4: How to Use an ATM
Workbook 5: Understanding Your Paycheque
Workbook 6: Money Safety
Workbook 7: Facing Challenges

Find volunteer opportunities in your area

TD Bank Group Employees
All Money Matters volunteer opportunities are posted on The Ready Commitment Network. You can browse by your city or town to find out what opportunities are available near you.

Not interested in browsing? You can hear from us directly when an opportunity comes up in your community. Sign up below and we’ll send you an email the next time workshops are booked in your area.

Other interested volunteers

If you are not a TD Bank Group employee, but are still interested in volunteering with Money Matters, please Contact us. While we provide volunteer opportunities to the founding sponsor, TD Bank Group, we also have a roster of general public volunteers. We can add you to our roster of general public volunteers and be in touch about how you can get involved.

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